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At Right Way Public Adjusting, we are committed to helping you navigate the complex world of insurance claims with confidence and ease. Established with a passion for advocating on behalf of policyholders, we have emerged as a trusted partner in the realm of property damage claims.

Our objective is simple yet profound: to ensure that you, as a policyholder, receive fair and just compensation for your property damage losses. We understand that the aftermath of property damage can be overwhelming, both emotionally and financially. Our dedicated team with over 20 years of experience is here to guide you through the entire claims process, from assessment to settlement, with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Meet Our Team

Hunter Gunderson – Founder & CEO, Right Way Public Adjusting

As the founder and CEO of Right Way Public Adjusting, Hunter Gunderson brings a steadfast commitment to ensuring that individuals navigate the often-complex world of insurance claims with confidence and clarity. With a passion for advocating on behalf of policyholders, he established Right Way Public Adjusting to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing property damage challenges.

About Hunter: Born and raised amid the vibrant landscapes of Tampa, FL, Hunter Gunderson built a career out of his passion for finance, marketing, and assisting individuals secure fair compensation for property damage. With years of experience in the insurance industry and a deep understanding of policy intricacies, he is dedicated to providing a personalized approach to each client’s unique situation. His journey in this field has equipped him with an in-depth knowledge of insurance policies, regulations, and the art of negotiation. This expertise enables Hunter to level the playing field and secure fair compensation for his clients.

Why Choose Right Way Public Adjusting? Under Hunter’s leadership, the firm takes immense pride in representing the best interests of their clients. Every claim undergoes a meticulous process of assessment, documentation, negotiation, and resolution, always with the objective of maximum compensation. The strategies employed at Right Way Public Adjusting are tailored, recognizing that each claim and individual is unique.

The Mission: For Hunter, it’s not just about navigating claims—it’s about restoring peace of mind to those who have encountered property damage, small or large. He believes in transparent communication, unwavering support, and fair settlements for every policyholder. Embodying values of integrity and professionalism, Hunter has curated a team that mirrors these principles, constantly aiming to positively impact their client’s lives.

Beyond the Office: Outside the realm of property damage claims, Hunter cherishes moments with his family and pets. A true Tampa Bay native, his support for local sports teams is unmatched. Whether in the stands or engaging in a game, his zeal for sports is evident.

Join the Right Way Journey: We extend an invitation to join us and his team on a journey towards recovery, restoration, and renewal. Facing property damage can be daunting, but with Right Way Public Adjusting by your side, you can navigate the claims process with expertise and compassion. They’re committed to guiding you every step of the way.

Rebecca Hatch – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

About Rebecca:  With over 25 years in the legal profession, Rebecca boasts an extensive background working alongside insurance adjusters and attorneys. In the Tampa Bay area, she distinguished herself as a paralegal and office manager, predominantly handling medical malpractice claims for several boutique law firms. At her home state of West Virginia, she managed a toxic tort law firm, representing clients who had been exposed to harmful workplace chemicals and consequently diagnosed with blood cancers. Serving clients has always been at the core of Rebecca’s professional journey.

Rebecca Meets Right Way: Drawn by the prospect of making a direct impact on people’s lives once more, Rebecca became a pivotal part of the Right Way team, stepping into the role of Chief Operating Officer. She oversees personnel, daily operations, and the firm’s finances.  Rebecca manages the settlement funds with our clients, the mortgage companies and the retained contractors.

Her Passions: Beyond the boundaries of her professional life, Rebecca is an avid kayaker. She cherishes the tranquility and adventure offered by the beautiful springs in Florida, using it as an opportunity to both challenge herself and find moments of reflection. Rebecca also has a passion for landscaping and interior design, transforming spaces into homes filled with warmth and personality.

Her world revolves around her husband, adult children, and her Labradoodle. Through and through, Rebecca’s got this nurturing heart, and she gives her heart every day to our clients.

Derek Kobel – Senior Manager of Adjuster’s & Director of Marketing

About Derek: Derek graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree after moving to the Tampa Bay area with some of his family. Derek played football most of his life, who now enjoys being on the water, learning to farm and playing golf. As a season ticket holder to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he still enjoys the competition and skill that comes from high-level activities.

Derek’s Illustrious Path: From Veteran to Firefighter to Public Adjusting: Prior to joining Right Way, Derek worked as a firefighter/paramedic for five years where he assisted people from minor medical emergencies to severe life-threatening injuries, to fighting structure fires affecting a home or business. Derek oversaw the fire department’s pre-plan program, which was developed to ensure the safety of all fire personnel on the scene of a major fire or mass casualty incident. The pre-plan provided all personnel involved with detailed information and a blueprint of the structure, as well as where the utilities are that may be needed to assist the fire department in suppressing the crisis at hand.

Before the fire department, Derek served in the United States Navy, serving on the USS Harry S. Truman, CVN-75, an aircraft carrier that was based out of Norfolk, Virginia. The military and fire experience has provided Derek with a very intricate perspective of how to manage complex and disastrous situations, while providing the proper communication to those who are going through one of, if not the worst time in their life. In addition, his family’s life-long experience as adjusters provides Derek with the knowledge, strategies, and experience to assist any residential and commercial property owner through their claims process.

Derek’s Distinguished Journey as a Public Adjuster: Derek Kobel is a multi-state licensed public adjuster who joined Right Way Public Adjusting 2021. Derek comes from a family who has been working in the insurance industry as adjusters for the past 30+ years. Derek has shown pride and versatility in his work as a public adjuster, having successfully handled many commercial and residential claims for clients.

Since joining the firm, Derek has assisted in the growth of our firm by educating the public about our services through different marketing events and by contributing as an expert on radio shows and other state-wide networking organizations. Derek has quickly become a significant part of this team, having the responsibility of managing the other adjusters in this firm, supporting them with any claims handling matters.

Derek is currently licensed Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Tennessee.

Michael Skryd – Senior Estimator & Certified Appraiser and Public Adjuster

Michael Skryd: Transitioning from Naperville to Tampa – Hailing from Naperville, IL, Michael Skryd embraced the beauty of the Tampa Bay area as his new abode when his family relocated in 1979. A proud alum of Tampa Catholic, his scholastic excellence was matched by his exceptional skills on the soccer field. Remarkably, in his 1990 senior year, he stood out as the top scorer for Hillsborough County.

Life for Michael has been a thrilling tapestry, enriched by his cherished wife and their two lively children, ages 16 and 13. Alongside his family roles, Michael passionately serves as a National C Licensed Soccer Coach, dedicating his expertise to shaping the next generation of soccer talents.

Beyond the soccer field, Michael’s interests span boating, fishing, and exploring various islands. He takes immense joy in cheering for his children during their athletic endeavors over the weekends. To Michael, family is his unwavering anchor, and his passion for sports continues to shine brightly.

Michael’s foundation in the field is fortified with an Accredited Claims Adjuster License from the University of Central Florida and academic pursuits in Business Administration at St. Petersburg College. His foray into specialized sales and revenue management training added another layer to his multifaceted expertise.

Profile of Proficiency: Michael Skryd stands as an epitome of insurance brilliance, boasting a repertoire of skills and qualifications garnered over two decades. His proficiency extends beyond being an adjuster; Michael emerges as a trusted confidant and advisor in the realm of insurance.

Client Relations Maven: Michael’s prowess in customer service is evident in the longstanding relationships he builds with clients. It’s this human touch combined with technical acumen that makes him stand out.

Strategist and Problem-Solver: His knack for dissecting intricate challenges and formulating effective solutions ensures that clients always achieve optimal results. Michael’s navigation through the labyrinth of insurance intricacies has secured him a reputation par excellence.

Teamwork & Collaboration: Within the collaborative realm of the Right Way Team, Michael’s professional ethos and indomitable spirit shine bright. He champions the belief that combined efforts yield remarkable results.

Certifications & Technical Skills: Armed with a Xactimate certification, Michael ensures meticulous and accurate claims assessments. Further amplifying his credibility is his role as a Certified Appraiser, highlighting his allegiance to the gold standard of professional ethics and thoroughness.

Career Highlights: As the visionary helm with the previous public adjusting firms, he worked at, he manifested leadership by overseeing claims with unerring precision. Michael infused his profound adjusting knowledge. His roles ranged from investigating property damage, advocating for policyholders to serving as an authoritative voice in legal proceedings. His meticulous investigations and keen eye for potential fraud reaffirm his unwavering client commitment.

Legacy in the Insurance World: In the vast ocean of insurance, Michael Skryd stands as a beacon of excellence. His career, highlighted by his dedication and technical mastery, has set an unparalleled benchmark. For Michael, insurance claims aren’t mere transactions; they’re opportunities to transform challenges into triumphs, guaranteeing client satisfaction at every juncture.

Leslie Starkey – Director of Business Development & Marketing Manager

Charming Beginnings in Bridal Retail: Leslie Starkey’s career began in the picturesque surroundings of West Virginia, amidst the delicate lace and silks of her mother’s bridal boutique. As a lively 15-year-old, this was where Leslie got her first taste of business, mastering the art of retail and understanding the fine balance of managing customer expectations. For 15 transformative years, she embraced the virtues of exceptional customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and a genuine passion for her trade.

Property Management: A New Horizon in Florida – 1990 brought a fresh wave of opportunity, and Leslie found herself delving into the fast-paced world of property management in Fort Myers, Florida. Over the next ten years, she became a well-respected figure in southwest Florida’s property circuit, gaining deep insights into the multifaceted world of real estate and building strong client relationships.

Flooring Expertise: Merging Property with Precision – Her adeptness in property management soon opened doors to a rewarding tenure with a top-tier national flooring company in southwest Florida. For a quarter of a century, Leslie seamlessly merged her property insights with the intricacies of flooring design and implementation.

Public Adjusting: Advocacy and Dedication – Interestingly, it was her property background that nudged Leslie towards the specialized field of public adjusting. She saw a chance to truly make a difference, stepping in to help homeowners and business owners navigate the complex maze of property damage claims. In a landscape where insurance often leans towards big corporations, Leslie became a voice and advocate for the real stakeholders: the community’s homeowners and business folks.

Leading the Charge at Right Way – Today, at Right Way, Leslie brings all these experiences to the fore. As the Director of Business Development and Manager of Marketing, her role isn’t just a job—it’s a commitment. A commitment to driving growth, forging lasting relationships, and ensuring that every person who crosses paths with the company feels valued, acknowledged, and protected.

Jim Constable – Licensed Public Adjuster

From Ohio to Florida: A Journey of Passion and Precision: Jim Constable’s story is as vibrant as it is inspiring. Raised in the heartland of Ohio, he embodies the tenacity and dedication that the Buckeye State is known for. Drawn to the allure of sunlit beaches and a refreshing coastal breeze, Jim and his family made a pivotal move to Clearwater, Florida, in 1986, marking the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Decades Under the Hood: As the gears of time turned, Jim honed his craft in the intricate world of automobiles. For over three decades, he was the heartbeat of two prominent GM dealerships, wearing the hat of an auto technician with pride and precision. Jim’s hands mended engines, his eyes spotted the tiniest inconsistencies, and his dedication ensured every vehicle left the garage in peak condition.

The Call for Change: However, as 2018 dawned, Jim felt a tug towards a different path—a path illuminated by family ties and a purpose-driven mission. Teaming up with his son, Joshua, an established public adjuster, Jim delved into the world of property claims and insurance adjusting. This wasn’t just about paperwork; it was about standing shoulder-to-shoulder with homeowners and businesses, helping them navigate the often-overwhelming terrain of property damage claims.

Finding His True North at Right Way: By 2020, Jim’s trajectory led him to Right Way Public Adjusting Firm. Here, he found more than just a job; he discovered a community that shared his ethos of hard work, integrity, and commitment. Every day, Jim melds his decades of technical expertise with his newfound passion, ensuring that every client feels heard, supported, and championed. For Jim, being a public adjuster isn’t merely about assessing damages or negotiating claims. It’s about standing shoulder-to-shoulder with homeowners and business proprietors, guiding them through their most challenging times, and ensuring they’re not alone in their journey towards recovery and justice.

A Man of Many Passions: Jim is a man who finds solace in the simple pleasures of life. Whether he’s casting a line into serene waters, hoping for the day’s best catch, or meticulously working under the hood of his cherished cars, he is deeply connected to the world around him. These moments of tranquility are paralleled only by the joy he derives from being surrounded by his loved ones. A dedicated family man at heart, Jim cherishes every moment he gets to spend with his kin, with his grandchildren holding a particularly special place in his heart. Their laughter, stories, and adventures together are the treasures that enrich his days, reminding him of life’s true essence.

Kristina Ewing – Executive Assistant

Tampa Bay Origins Born: amidst the vibrant pulse of Tampa Bay, she personifies the warmth and zest of her beloved hometown. Her journey began with cherished memories at Tampa Catholic High School and continued through her spirited years at the University of South Florida. Living the pride of a true Bull, she embodies determination and passion.

Transitioning from Law to Advocacy: Starting out in a dynamic Tampa law firm, her pivotal role as an office manager stood out. Beyond just managing court filings, she was the touchpoint for clients, always ensuring clarity and understanding during intricate litigation phases. Not only did she ensure the seamless coordination of court filings, but she also became a beacon of communication for clients. Always proactive, she made sure every client remained informed and reassured during the often-complex litigation process. It was this genuine dedication to clients that led her to the welcoming doors of Right Way

Heartbeat of Right Way: Joining Right Way, she didn’t just fill a role; she defined it. As an executive assistant, she’s central to the firm’s operations, bridging the communication gaps between adjusters, clients, and all involved. From handling hectic schedules to diligently overseeing documents, she’s the reassuring presence clients count on. Bridging the lines between adjusters, clients, and partners, she ensures nothing slips through the cracks. Her role extends far beyond the administrative tasks typically associated with executive assistants; she plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations of the public adjusters.

One of her key responsibilities is assisting clients in their interactions with the public adjusters. She goes above and beyond to make sure that clients feel heard, understood, and supported throughout the entire process. She becomes a trusted point of contact, not just a name on a business card. Clients often rely on her for updates on their cases, and she always has a friendly and reassuring response ready, providing them with peace of mind during what can be a stressful time.

Embracing Life’s Treasures: Beyond her desk and files is a world illuminated by the joys of motherhood – her two wonderful boys. Their laughter, growth, and zest infused her life with unmatched joy. Be it cheering them on during a soccer match, enjoying the serene embrace of Florida’s beaches, or getting into the spirit of a local Tampa game, she knows how to savor life’s moments. And sometimes, you’ll find her at the gym, rejuvenating herself for yet another day of making a difference.

Amanda Kolek – Licensed Public Adjuster

Chicago Beginnings: Born and raised in the Windy City of Chicago, Amanda carries the resilience and spirit of her hometown wherever she goes. Chicago’s vibrant culture, diversity, and strong sense of community have left an indelible mark on her character. In 2021, she embarked on a new journey, relocating to the sunny Tampa Bay Area, bringing with her the tenacity and determination that Chicagoans are known for.

Joining the Right Way Family: By 2023, Amanda found her true calling at Right Way, driven by a profound passion for helping others navigate through challenging times. Her transition from the bustling streets of Chicago to the Florida coast was not just a change of scenery but also a transformation in her career path that would allow her to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

Legal Expertise & Advocacy: Amanda brings a wealth of legal expertise to her role as a Public Adjuster, with a background in Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury law. Throughout her law career, she was motivated by a deep-seated desire to empower people to fight for their rights. Now, as a part of the Right Way team, Amanda has found her true calling, providing essential support and guidance to individuals in need. She is unwavering in her belief that everyone deserves a fair chance to rebuild and recover after facing unexpected challenges, and she is committed to tirelessly advocating for their rights.

Community & Leisure: Beyond her professional life, Amanda is an active member and leader of the “Tampa Girls Who Walk” club, a walking club that unites members from all over the Tampa Bay community. Amanda’s zest for life is evident in her constant movement and exploration. Whether she’s organizing a walk with her club, strolling near the tranquil waters of Tampa Bay, or engaging in various outdoor activities, Amanda cherishes every moment. She has mastered the art of balancing her professional and personal pursuits, making the most out of life while also being a beacon of support and inspiration in her community.

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Tampa, Florida-based Right Way Public Adjusting is here to fight for homeowners! As public adjusters, we work directly with your insurance company to ensure you are paid what you deserve for your property damage claim. Unlike insurance company adjusters who work for the insurance companies, public adjusters represent the best interests of the policyholder. That’s you! We work for you on your behalf. Florida insurance claims adjusters are trained to review and understand property insurance policies.

Our team of licensed adjusters have helped thousands of homeowners collect millions from their insurance to repair damages on their property. Whether it be roof leaks, water damage, fire damage, busted pipes, mold, sinkholes or even vandalism or theft, we are here to take the stress off your hands and get you the money you deserve!

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Roof Leaks & Water Stains

Does your roof leak. Does it cause ugly water stains? You’re not alone, our experienced staff can help. Call today!

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Burst Pipes & Cast Iron

Burst Pipes & Cast Iron

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Mold Damage

Mold Damage

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Fire Damage

Fire & Lightning

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Theft & Vandalism

Theft & Vandalism

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Sinkhole Damage

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Terri Waller Rhoden

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Samuel Burgess

After being low balled by my insurance, Right Way helped me receive 7X their original offer!

Right Way Public Adjusting Reviews
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My roof had a couple terrible leaks, and Right Way helped me collect over $50,000 for damages.

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